About NRHM

About NHM

The Union Cabinet vide its decision dated 1st May 2013 has approved the launch of National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) as a Sub-mission of an over-arching National Health Mission (NHM), with National Health Mission (NHM) being the other Sub-mission of National Health Mission.

NHM has 6 financing components

  • NHM-RCH Flexipool
  • NUHM Flexipool
  • Flexible pool for Communicable disease
  • Flexible pool for Non communicable disease including Injury and Trauma
  • Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Family Welfare Central Sector component

Within the broad national parameters and priorities, states would have the flexibility to plan and implement state specific action plans. The state PIP would spell out the key strategies, activities undertaken, budgetary requirements and key health outputs and outcomes.

The State PIPs would be an aggregate of the district/city health action plans, and include activities to be carried out at the state level. The state PIP will also include all the individual district/city plans. This has several advantages: one, it will strengthen local planning at the district/city level, two, it would ensure approval of adequate resources for high priority district action plans, and three, enable communication of approvals to the districts at the same time as to the state.

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