Programme Implementation Plan (PIP)

Programme Implementation PlanTo support the activities for effective and time bound examination of NHM Program Implementation Plans (PIPs) of the States & facilitate their approval by the National Program Coordination Committee (NPCC).

State Programme Implementation Plan (PIP) will now consist of the following five parts:

  • Part I : NHM RCH Flexipool
  • Part II : NUHM Flexipool,
  • Part III : Flexible Pool for Communicable Diseases
  • Part IV : Flexible Pool for Non Communicable Diseases, Injury and Trauma
  • Part V : Infrastructure Maintenance

There will be a separate financial envelope tied to Parts I to IV within which State will have the flexibility to allocate funds across different strategies/ activities in line with local conditions and within broad national priorities.

  • The State PIPs spell out the strategies to be deployed, budgetary requirements and health outcomes aimed for.
  • The State’s PIP is made by the Executive Committee (EC) of the State Health Society and approved by the State Government/ Governing Body. The EC of the State Health Society implements the approved plan, with governance and oversight exercised by the Governing Body and the State Health Mission.
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