School Health- Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (SH-RBSK)

Developing the human capital of especially the intellectual, social, mental and physical abilities of children and adolescents is fundamental to the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens. Developing human capital is also critical for nations to enjoy political stability and economic growth. Nations that have invested in health and education have tended to experience corresponding economic development.

To ensure good health for our school children the Department of Health & Family Welfare conducts School Health Programme every year. This is the single, largest, health prgramme operating in the state of Gujarat.

Govt. of Gujarat, Department of Health in collaboration with Education Department & WCD started innovative School Health Programme since 1997.

A State level steering committee, under the chairmanship of Hon. Health Minister takes important decision about School Health Programme.


  • Newborn to 6 years Anganwadi (AW) children
  • Children up to 18 years of age enrolled in classes 1st to 12th in all schools ( Government & private Schools)
  • Non school going children up to age of 14 yrs
  • Children / Juvenile home , Madressa are also covered

Services - Primary Healthcare to Super- Specialty Healthcare

  • Health Screening and Medical checkup based on 4D’s: Defects at Birth, Diseases, Deficiencies and Disabilities
  • Primary care on spot
  • Health & Referral Card
  • Free Spectacles
  • Referral Services for Secondary and Tertiary care
  • Super-Specialty treatment for Heart , Kidney and Cancer Disease including Renal Transplant, Liver transplant, Cochlear implant and Clubfoot (2013-14)
  • Health and Life-Skills education

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