About NRHM

Supportive Supervision Plan

NHM has been launched with the aim to provide effective health care to rural population. The programme seeks to decentralize with adequate devolution of powers and delegation of responsibilities. This requires an appropriate implementation mechanism that is accountable. Under NHM a triangulated process of Monitoring and Evaluation was introduced with aimed to achieve desire goals by enabling continues feedback and corrective action mechanism.

In order to facilitate this process a structure right from the state to the village levels has been established in the State.

Regular field visits are required for assessing an ongoing programs and or policy. Based on the information from field visits, it can be determined whether any changes are needs to be made at a programme or policy level, and if so, what they are. What went well, where is there room for improvement.

Both the physical and financial progress of NHM are monitored and evaluated through various activities such as monitoring through field visit, HMIS, surveys and review meetings at all levels. The state has undertaken various activities as a part of established monitoring system. To strengthen this system, it has also undertaken initiatives which are briefly outlined in this plan.

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