Strategies To Improve Immunization Coverage

  • Fix day immunization session (MAMTA Diwas)
  • Mapping of Poor Performing Talukas & PHCs
  • Supportive supervision & Monitoring through THO & HV. It includes Rapid Immunization Coverage Assessment tool.
  • House to House monitoring to identify 0-23 months children immunization status randomly till 10 children surveyed.
  • Training of Mid-level managers (THO workshop on Immunization)
  • IDSP report compiling the VPD (Vaccine Preventable Diseases) information and disseminating the same at regular interval.
  • Outbreak investigation and control measures
  • Name-based tracking of Drop-out by e-Mamta
  • Monthly Work plan generation by e-Mamta for Front-line workers to track Drop-out.
  • Tally Sheet
  • Coverage Monitoring Chart
  • Community self-monitoring Charts (My Village, My Home)
  • ASHA Workshop
  • Intensified Immunization Days
  • Special Immunization Weeks planned annually to reach unreached , particularly in High-risk areas.
  • SOP Immunization 2011 for qualitative immunization Programme
  • Mapping of High Risk Areas (HRAs) in Urban & Rural areas and tag them alongwith Sub centres to cover them during Mamta Diwas
  • Revise and update the VHND microplan in Rural as well as Urban areas
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